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Special Thanks to Michael Mortorano

We at would like to thank Michael Mortorano for donating an undisclosed generous donation to our various charities.

About Michael Mortorano

Picture Michael Jame MortoranoMichael Mortorano is the President of President of All Distribution Inc in New Jersey. Mr. Mortorano is also a proud member of the New Jersey Honor Legion is, International Warehouse Logistics Association, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and Warehousing Education and Research Council

Michael Mortorano has also contributed great time to help fundrasing for St. Joseph's School for the Blind for blind children in Jersey City New Jersey.

Here are some national and local environmental issues that Mr. Michael Mortorano says we should all be concerned with today:

"We cannot expect our government to do it all, we must all take an active interest in these areas that effect every one of us", states Mr. Michael Mortorano
He urges us all to "write your Congressman and your Senator about the issues that are so vital to our health and well-being. Don't expect others to do it!." urges Mr. Mortorano. " Get involved! Tell your Congressmen and Senators how you feel so that we can be represented."

"I have daughters", says Michael Mortorano, and it is sad that the makeup of today's make up is very dangerous to the consumer. On any given day, the average woman uses as many as 25 products, containing hundreds of chemical compounds. Lipstick manufactured in the United States and used daily by millions of American women contains surprisingly high levels of lead, according to new product tests. More than half of 33 brand-name lipsticks tested (61 percent) contained detectable levels of lead, with levels ranging from 0.03 to 0.65 parts per million (ppm)

And it is not just make up, states Mr. Mortorano, Nail products contain a host of toxic chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, reproductive harm, occupational asthma and other negative health effects. Nail salon workers are particularly at risk for exposure, as they work with these products all day every day, often in poorly ventilated spaces. The good news is that certain nail polish manufacturers are beginning to reformulate their products

Mr. Mortorano does not feel that Americans should be overlooking the fact that many "folk" medicines contain lead. Health departments around the country say traditional medicines used by many immigrants from Latin America, India and other parts of Asia are the second most common source of lead poisoning in the US.

Michael Mortorano is now questioning, . . when is the government going to tighten up these restrictions on Toy Manufacturer's and demanding that imported toys be made safe? In what could trigger the first test of Illinois' toymaker fights strict recall laws. . . . laws against lead in toys, a major toymaker is refusing to pull a popular, but tainted, doll from store shelves across the state.

Mr Mortorano is concered, as parents venture into crowded malls this holiday season, they should remain vigilant about often hidden hazards posed by toys on store shelves. Despite all the recalls, hazardous toys remain on store shelves, including some with choking risks and that contain potentially toxic chemicals Many letters and calls made by Mr. Michael Mortorano on behalf of this problem to local Congressman and Senators.
Mr. Mortorano is concerned about . An eight-year drought has left scores of other ponds and wetlands dry and thirsty in Yellowstone Park. It also stands to force shifts in wildlife, the frequency of wildfires, the timing of mountain snowmelt and the growth of nutritious vegetation..Mr. Michael Mortorano questions, Is this global-warming or just a normal resetting by mother nature.

And let us not forget the promises of the Ferry Point Fiasco. . . states Mr. Mortorano. . .. In June 1988, then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced a former city dump would become a world-class golf course. Ten years later it remains a bleak expanse of rubble and muddy roads, stymied by environmental contamination.n Being from New Jersey, Mr. Mortorano is trying to rally citizens from NY/NJ areas to determine why this proposed site has not been followed through. What say you, Mr. Giuliani?

Avian flu hasn't become less lethal or less widespread in birds. This is the pandemic that never was. . . Experts argue that preparations against it have to continue, even if the virus’s failure to mutate into a pandemic strain has given the world more breathing room. Another issue, that Mr. Mortorano feels like should be closely watched. We must be prepared and citizens must be aware
Mr. Michael Mortorano feels that all Americans should be more infomed about all these following issues . However, other countries and their citizens should be informed as well and not put their head in the sand. Ignoring these problems, will not make them go away.

Research in Japan reports a 50% reduction in risk of advanced prostate cancer is associated with drinking green tea. The findings may help understand why prostate cancer is much lower in Asian compared to Western populations. American Journal of Epidemiology has done much research concerning this. We as American's need to be more aware of such findings in other countries, as per Mr. Mortorano. Should all people not benefit from these findings?

Researchers testing deep aquifers used for drinking water found human viruses, challenging the assumption that these crucial water supplies are protected from surface contamination. Samples from three public water supply wells that draw from a 240-foot deep aquifer in Wisconsin contained human intestinal viruses, which as a group are associated with diseases such as meningitis, encephalitis, newborn enteroviral disease and polio. Mr. Michael supports these kinds of findings and they should be taken seriously in order to help protect our health as a nation.

Shouldn't we all be questioning the human exposure to chemicals, questions Mr. Mortorano? New research by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control indicates that the analysis the CDC has used to estimate human exposure to atrazine and atrazine-related breakdown products has strongly underestimated its extent. By assaying for more than one atrazine metabolite, the new method finds exposures more consistent with the widespread use of the herbicide than indicated by the old approach. A new analysis by the CDC indicates that many Americans are exposed to bisphenol A at levels above the current safety threshold set by the EPA based upon decades-old data.These levels are significantly higher than those sufficient to cause a wide array of health effects in animals following exposure in the womb. Exposure to another industrial chemical, 4-tertiary-octylphenol, is also widespread. Letters sent to the NIH and local government figures.

Minute quantities of a bacterial protein inserted in corn provoke immune reactions in mice. Mr. Mortorano feels that more research is needed to determine if this immune reaction can or would be duplicated by humans. Mr. Mortorano has a group of volunteers who are following these studies and reporting their findings to various government sites. The protein is added to increase the effectiveness of plant-based transgenic vaccines. The results indicate that special care will be needed with transgenic corn to reduce exposure to workers and the public if this protein is used commercially in corn or other food crops, to avoid unwanted immune responses in people and decreased effectiveness of oral vaccines that use the protein

Shouldn't our Drinking water be the safest in the world, questions Mr. Mortorano? New research confirms that estrogenic contaminants can seep into sediment after being carried by sewage into rivers. Standard water treatment doesn't remove them from waste water effluent, so now that we know this, how is our government going to protect us? Many letters to the EPA have been sent, and e-mails to local government officials by Mr. Michael Mortorano . . . as he stated, "hey, we have got to continue fighting the good fight"

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